Saturday, July 28th

16.00-18.00 registration and meedical certificate check for all distance race

18.00 Mandatory race briefing for LONG and HALF distance race

Sunday, July 29th

6.30-7.30 registration and meedical certificate check only for  half and short races

7.45 teams' check for LONG distance race

8.00 race start (LONG distance race)

9.15 teams' and individual check for HALF distance race

9.30 race start (HALF distance race)

10.00 Mandatory race briefing for SHORT distance race

10.10 Athletes 'Check  for SHORTdistance race

10.15 race start (SHORT distance race)

12.15 short distance race athletes arrival

13.00 pasta party opens for short distance athletes

Later on prize giving (first three couples in each category) for the LONG and HALF race.


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