Swimrun Bologna 2018

Still to be defined date - LAKE BRASIMONE

Thanks to all the participants of the 2017 edition

What is Swimrun Bologna

We are the first two people team swimrun event in Italy

This kind of race consists in a uninterrupted succession of run and swim legs.

Swim Run Bologna takes place in the regional park of Brasimone and Suviana lakes, and takes the competitors through the woods of the area between the two lakes for a total length of about 24k of run (mostly on trail) and 4,5k of open water swim.

Would you like to join the race but do not find a companion? We can help you!

Swimrun Bologna is a Otillo merit race of the Otillo SwimRUn World series

In ÖTILLÖ Merit races you can collect points towards the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun ranking system. Only teams with ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Ranking points will be able to participate in the ÖTILLÖ Random Ticket Selection for Otillo World championship.
Two people Team Race
  • 28,5 km
  • Run 24 km
  • 7 Legs
  • Swim 4,5 km
  • 6 Legs
Promotional Individual
  • 8,3 km
  • Run 6,8 km
  • 3 Legs
  • Swim 1,5 km
  • 2 Legs


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